Hallowe'en Dance & Workshop
Attendees must be fully vaccinated and are required to sign a waiver. Download the waiver. You can either email it to scd.mke@gmail.com or bring it with you. (We will have a limited number of blank forms at the door.)

We have a flyer for you to download & share if you like. Download the flyer.

New this year: Scottish Country Dance Worskhop, taught by Lara Friedman-Shedlov, Twin Cities Branch
Sponsored by Midwest Scottish Weekend

$15.00 admission for the Workshop and $15.00 admission for the Dance!

12:00 - 2:00pm  Scottish Country Dance Workshop
  2:00 - 2:30pm Break, change to costumes
  2:30 - 5:00pm Hallowe’en Dance
  5:00 - 5:15pm               Break, set-up for dinner
  5:15 - 6:30pm Potluck dinner

We hope you wear a costume to the Dance. They are fun but not required! Prizes will be awarded.

Music TBD
October 30, 2021

 Journeys Lutheran School
 5425 S 111th Street
 Hales Corners, WI

Enter school parking lot from 112th AND COPELAND St. -- near the proper entrance it will say “Lutheran School".


And for the Young Ones              J32 4S    RSCDS 51,6
Dumbarton Drums                     R32 3C    RSCDS 5,2
* The Silver Tassie                 S32 3C    John Drewry Leaflet
Links With Saint Petersburg         J32 3C    RSCDS 46,10
Lady Dumfries                       R32 3C    Miss Milligan's Miscellany
Garrigues Strathspey                S32 3C    John McCormick
Noah's Ark                          J32 2C    RSCDS 43,6
The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh   R40 3C    RACDS 39,7


Jig to the Music                    J32 3C    Doris Young
Challenge Accepted                  R32 2C    Shelby Yahn
Hame Came Our Gudeman               W32 3C    RSCDS 30,2
The Missing Turn                    R32 3C    RSCDS 46,5
Gramachie                           S32 3C    
Miss Milligan's Miscellany
Laura's Wedding                     J32 3C    Sister Dorcas Baker
* Mairi's Wedding                   R40 3C    James Cosh - 22 SCD

Dances denoted with * can be found in the Madison Scottish Country Dancers book 100 Favorite Dances and 63 More.

Cheat sheet available HERE.

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