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Sr. Dorcas Baker, RSCDS Certified Instructor (Founder, deceased)
John McCormick, RSCDS Certified Instructor
Rebecca Renee Winnie, RSCDS Teacher in Training
Terry Garner, RSCDS Teacher in Training

Affiliated RSCDS

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) has a world-wide network of Branches and Affiliated Groups. The Society exists to promote and develop Scottish country dancing worldwide for the benefit of present and future generations.

The Milwaukee Scottish Country Dancers is a social group that enjoys learning and dancing the traditional jigs, reels and strathspeys of Scotland.  We host a Hallowe'en Social Dance as well as several dance parties throughout the year.  In addition, we occasionally perform at weddings, dinners and folk festivals.

Classes are open to anyone interested in Scottish Country Dance.  Beginners are welcome to watch and to dance.  It is not necessary to have a partner to participate.  You don't have to be Scottish!

For information contact: Terry Garner, Loraine Garner or Cory Sterling at, or call 414-301-9701. For information regarding demonstrations and performances, please contact Diana Hankes at

For the Governance and Board of Directors of the Milwaukee Scottish Country Dancers, please look HERE.


The Board of Directors meetings have been scheduled. Details can be found on the Governance web page. Any member may attend.

The Milwaukee Scottish Country Dancers have a managed list for easy email distribution.  For anyone interested in receiving our email communication, please use the following LINK to start the process.

Our promotional flyer is now available HERE.

You can find us on Facebook HERE.

Class Schedule

Classes are held on Monday evenings at one of the two following locations.  Please check HERE for the schedule.

Saint Paul's Episcopal Church Great Hall
 914 East Knapp Street
 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
 * Entrance to the Great Hall is through the parking lot (kitchen entrance) on Marshall Street *
 (There is a  $3.00 donation to defray the cost of the hall rental.)

Our Lord's United Methodist Church
5000 S. Sunnyslope Rd.
New Berlin, Wisconsin

For those coming from Milwaukee you can get off of I-894 @ Beloit Rd, drive west until you get to Sunnyslope Rd (traffic light) turn left (south), and you will see it almost immediately on your left.
* Enter the left doors and then turn left again. You will be in the right room.
(There is a  $3.00 donation to defray the cost of the hall rental.)

  Class Dates and Locations

How we structure our classes:

In the first half, the entire group does simple dances. Dance steps formations will be taught, reviewed or improved. Toward the end of the first half, intermediate level dances will be taught.  These dances will include a step, a formation or formations taught earlier.

For the second half, intermediate and advanced dancers will develop their dancing skills on more advanced dances, truly challenging formations or dances in preparation for upcoming events.  Midway through the second half, the entire group repeats one of the simple dances taught earlier or will dance another simple dance, which has a step, a formation or formations taught in the first half.

Demo team and advanced dancer information HERE.

Upcoming Midwest Scottish Country Dances
(events and assorted workshops)

Annual Ball
November 16, 2019
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Winter Dance Party
December 7, 2019
Madison, Wisconsin
 Cheat Sheet

Twin Cities Branch 23rd Annual Filte Ball
December 7, 2019
Twin Cities, Minnesota

Chicago 40th Anniversary Ball Weekend
January 18-19, 2020
St. Charles, Illinois

43rd Annual Ball Weekend
March 28, 2020
Madison, Wisconsin

29th Annual RSCDS Central Iowa Ball Weekend
May 1 - 3, 2020
Ames, Iowa

Midwest Scottish Weekend
June 12 - 14, 2020
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

TAC Summer School 2020
July 24 - August 2, 2020
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


2019 Midwest Scottish Weekend photos

2017 Hallowe'en Dance
 Nancy McClements' photos

2015 Hallowe'en Dance
 James and Heidi Horton's photos

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You can order Milwaukee Scottish Country Dancers merchandise!  Please look HERE for our online store.

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