Class Dates and Locations

Teaching Schedule


Classes will be at our new location each Monday from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Journeys Lutheran School
5425 S 111th Street
Hales Corners, WI

Enter school parking lot from 112th AND COPELAND St. -- near the proper entrance it will say “Lutheran School.

To help defray the costs of hall rental, please consider a donation of $5 each class.

COVID-19 Policy:

Dancers agree to:

  1. Sign the COVID-19 LIABILITY WAIVER (available on the website)

  1. Stay home if not feeling well.

  1. Get tested if experiencing any COVID symptoms and contact us if you have a positive result. MkeSCD will notify dancers if they've been exposed, however, individuals will not be identified.

  1. Wear a mask when required by the MkeSCD mask policy (see below).

Milwaukee Scottish Country Dancers COVID-19 Waiver

For information contact: Cory Sterling or John Fitak at

How we structure our classes:

We initiate classes with warm ups and stretches, followed by a short focus session to improve technique. The class then divides temporarily, with newer dancers (along with a couple experienced dancers for support) learning/reviewing/improving formations whilst the more experienced dancers further develop their dancing skills as they learn/review/improve challenging formations and dances, or learn dances for upcoming events. The groups then recombine to dance one or two dances which utilize the formations previously focused on by the newer dancers. If time allows the experienced dancers then learn another challenging dance, giving the newer dancers the opportunity to observe.

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