Costume Dance

Saturday November 11, 2023

Suggested Donation: $25
Cash and Checks collected at the door
Need based Scholarships available. Request at

We hope you wear a costume. They are fun but not required! Prizes will be awarded.

 11am - 12:30pm    Walk through
 1:30 pm on            Registration/Check-In
 2pm                       Costume Dance

 5pm                       Potluck dinner

Music by Rare Privilege: Maria Terres, Amy McFarland, and Dave Mullen.
 Journeys Lutheran School
 5425 S 111th Street
 Hales Corners, WI

Enter school parking lot from 112th AND COPELAND St. -- near the proper entrance it will say “Lutheran School".


The Fairy Ring             J32    Boyd: Happy to Meet       
Jenny dang the Weaver      R32    Johnson (18C): RSCDS XII       
The Falkirk Lass           S32    Brunken: Merse       
Fair Jenny's Jig           J32    Wallace: Redwood       
Maxwell's Rant             R32    Rutherford: RSCDS XVIII       

    Interval [Photo]               

Collie Law                 J32    Goldring Graded 1       
Ha! Ha! The Wooin' o' it   R32    MMM       
A Lovely Hall              S32    McKinnell: Sue McKinnell       
The Flight of the Falcon   J32    Priddey: Anniversary 10sm       
Lord MacLay's Reel         R40    Robertson: Collins SCD       

    Interval [Prizes]               

It's all right             J32    See: RSCDS Graded 2       
MacDonald of Keppoch       M128   Ronald: RSCDS XLIX       
Caldercruix                J32    Drewry: Bankhead 3       
Linnea's Strathspey        S32    Wilson: RSCDS XLVII       
Desperatio                 R32    Fryer: Imp 4-5+

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