Hallowe'en Dance

New! We are having a walk-through of our Hallowe'en Dance program at Our Lord's UMC from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.!

We hope you wear a costume. They are fun - but not required!

Music by Rare Privilege
October 26, 2019     2:00 p.m.


St. Paulís Lutheran Church
Centennial Gym
S66 W14325 Janesville Road
Muskego, WI  53150


$15.00 admission
Potluck dinner following the dance.  If you would be so kind, please bring a dish to pass.


Bethankit                        J32 3C     Stacey: RSCDS Graded 3
Bohemian Reflections             R32 3C     Schuckelt: RSCDS LI
Lady Susan Stewart's Strathspey  S32 3C     MMM
* Glayva                         J32 2C     Drewry: Canadian
* Culla Bay                      S32 4C sq  Dix: RSCDS XLI

The Valley over the Hill         R32 3C     Blim: Reeladelphia 2
Moudiewort                       J32 3C     Bowman: RSCDS XI
The Haar on Skye                 S32 3C     Watson: RSCDS Graded 3
Sleepwalking                     R32 3C     Giacoletti
Bill Clement MBE                 J32 3C     Wilkinson: RSCDS XLVII
City Lights                      J32 3C     Scott: RSCDS LII
Mr Iain Stuart Robertson         R32 3C     de Winton: RSCDS XLII

* Miss Gibson's Strathspey       S32 3C     Haynes: RSCDS Leaflets
* The Luckenbooth Brooch         J32 3C     Dickson: Reels and Wheels (CD booklet)
Da Rain Dancin'                  R32 3C     Wallace: Whiteadder

Dances denoted with * can be found in the Madison Scottish Country Dancers book 100 Favorite Dances and 63 More.

Cheat sheet available here.
SCDDB Dance List here.

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