Milwaukee Scottish Country Dancers
Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
March 14, 2020

Special Board meeting called due to Coronavirus

Loraine motioned to suspend classes until the Monday after Easter, April 13, Cory second.

We currently, do not think it is worth the risk and we also do not even know if the facilities would even be open.

Money has already been sent to the Lutheran school that we were going to check out on March 30.

We are to notify the places to let them know we are not coming. Cory is going to call the venues to confirm.

No one opposed

Motion carried.

During the week of April 6, Terry will call a meeting to see when we can reconvene.

Meeting adjourned.


April 9, 2020


On April 8 Terry moved via email to the Board the following cancellation notice to be posted to the website:


Classes Cancelled: The Board of Directors has suspended all Monday night classes until further notice due to the Covid-19 Safer at Home initiative.


Emailed Yes votes received from Vicki, Diana, and John. Verbal Yes votes from Loraine and Terry. No Nay votes or abstentions received.


Paul updated the website April 11.

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