Milwaukee Scottish Country Dancers
Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2020

Terry called the meeting to order at 8:35 pm

Motion was made to approve the minutes from January 13, motion passed.


         Cd worth $2,715 closed out and moved it into checking

         We currently have $3,879 in checking after paying the scholarships



         Musicians have been reserved for the Halloween dance

         We will discuss other details at our next meeting



         Speaker amp is broken, and we need $115 to replace the amp.

         The amp keeps going out and it is no longer under warranty.

         Terry is to call White House to replace the amp.

         Motion to approve replacement of the amp, motion carried. 



         RSCDS to adopt procedure, details to follow



         We need volunteers to update our table display and materials.

           It was suggested that people bring in photos for our display



We are now an affiliate group and we pay 45 pounds ($55) a year to be a group.  If we want to be a branch it would be 20 pounds ($25) for dancers 25 years, or older.

         Questions that were brought up, were:

         How many people are in the Branch?

         Is it just more of a prestigious thing?

We could be represented in the votes, but it would be a lot more of an effort.  We are now qualified to become a Branch if we would like to.

It would be $40 / year for our annual dues instead of $15 that we now pay.

We will discuss further at our next meeting.


Open positions to be filled are:

         Vice President


         2 at Large Members



         Everyone is invited to attend graduation on March 25 for the beginner dancers at the Mequon/Thiensville location

Motion to adjourn at 9:07 pm

Next board meeting May 11, 2020.

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