Milwaukee Scottish Country Dancers
Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
September 23, 2019

Terry called the meeting to order

Sonja motioned to approve minutes from the Annual General Meeting, July 8, 2019
Minutes approved

Treasurer was not in attendance but sent report our Net worth is $8400 as of the end of June

We have business cards and were able to hand them out at the Highland Games.  If anyone needs business cards to hand them out, please let Loraine know.

Flyers were also distributed for the Open Houses to let people know when and where they are

Sonja motioned that Publicity be reimbursed for the full amount for publicity materials.  Motion Passed.

Rebecca reported on the Mequon Thiensville class
•    Rebecca made name buttons for the class
•    Starting a second class in February / March and hopefully we will be able to get some of them to attend the Madison Ball

Mequon – the classes have finished, and Terry and Rebecca had a successful time teaching beginners

Our next Open House is in New Berlin, make sure we bring treats and bring friends.

•    October 26 at 2:00 pm
•    Cribs are online
•    John McCormick will get the program together
•    We will hand out prizes for costumes.  Please consider bringing a prize or a donation
•    We will have a Potluck after the dance
•    We will need decorations

Milwaukee group should be there by 1:00 and doors will open at noon.  Please come early to set up or stay later to clean up.

It will cost us a $100 for two hours at St. Paul’s, S66 W14325 Janesville Road, Muskego, WI 53150 to hold our Halloween Dance at this location.

Rossi is going to distribute flyers for International dancing at Hart Park, Wauwatosa

Spring Fling in Toronto, Ontario - Anyone younger than 36 are welcome to attend from May 15 to
May 17.  Spring Fringe is for anyone older than 36.

Motion to adjourn at 9:05 pm

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