Milwaukee Scottish Country Dancers
Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
March 11, 2019

Meeting Minutes


Rod Downey a Scottish Country Dance Teacher from New Zealand will be in the States in September.  John McCormick is to communicate with Rod and find out what date works for him in September.  Either September 9, or Sept  16.


Question whether to become a branch or an affiliate we are to keep it as Old Business.


Terry proposed to offer a series of four classes in June and also to offer classes for the Mequon Thiensville Park District.  We are to have a flat fee to hold the class.  How much should we charge is to be determined.  John McCormick and Rebecca will be able to help teach.




Plan for when new dancers show up.  Can we have a break up of Beginner Classes.  We need to think of ways so that we can keep them coming. 




Digital media to promote our program in the paper

Ozaukee County put it in their calendar of events

Green Sheet in the Milwaukee Journal,  let them know when we have an Open House, or special occasion, try to get the information to them every week, or once a month.


Things to put in would be, the Halloween Dance, Highland Games, our Open House, where they can watch us dance.


Another idea was to have business cards with our web page, with our email address.




We need to describe what each board member is responsible for so that we are able to pass it along, as a new board member  takes over that position.




Mark your calendars for July 8, 2019




NEXT MEETING:  May 13, 2019


Motion to adjourn:  9:20 pm

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