Milwaukee Scottish Country Dancers
Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes
July 30, 2009 7:00 p.m.

Attendees:  Officers:  Jenny Michel, Paul Gunderson, Chuck Garrigues, Sonja Fitak, John Fitak, Valerie Lau
Jenny, welcomed everyone to the meeting.
First on the agenda was the Halloween Dance.
John is to speak with Dave Mullen to see if they will be able to play for the dance in October.
We would like to see that we have an alternative since Mike Briggs will be having surgery and wasn't sure if he would be ready to play at our Halloween dance.
Some of the alternatives mentioned were:
 Athas -
 Atlantic Wave -
Dancing dates August 2009
every Monday in August at Hales Corner.  We should bring a dance we would like to teach.  Submit ideas!  John takes August off from teaching but he comes to the classes as a student.
Teaching Equipment
We would like to purchase more powerful smaller speakers. One option mentioned was iPod Speakers. We would like to download music onto an ipod so that John doesn't have to carry all that heavy equipment when going to class, or at demos.
cost:  approx $400
Jenny will talk to John regarding his Wish List for new teaching equipment
We need new people!  Jenny has been putting a list together.
Facebook is one of the ways to network and get younger people involved.
also, setup an e-mail reflector, such as, so when board changes we don't have to change e-mails.
Hand out brochures and business cards when we are at demos of our Scottish Country Dance Group
Have smaller Demo teams for recruitments at schools, libraries, etc.
We would like to see more dancers and more teachers.
Madison has 5 teachers that need practice.  Try and invite them to run 1/2 the class every now and then.
Call Park & Recreation Departments to see what the process is to setup a beginner class in Milwaukee County.
Wisconsin Highland Games
Friday, September 4, to Sunday September 6, 2009 @ Waukesha Expo Center -
Chicago Workshop Week-end
Chicago wanted to know if we would donate towards their workshop weekend. The Chicago Branch sponsors a weekend workshop each year in early June. This is a fun event with a Friday night Welcome Dance, classes most of the day Saturday, a Banquet and formal Ball Saturday night followed by a ceilidh, and classes Sunday morning.
We were going to clarify when they would want the money, what are their expectations and what tasks would they need from the Milwaukee Group.  It was unanimous to donate $500 towards their workshop. 
Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Submitted by Valerie Lau

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