Milwaukee Scottish Country Dancers
Board of Directors Meeting
June 4, 2009 7:00 p.m.

Present: John Fitak, Jenny Michel, Chuck Garragues, Vicki Phipps, Valerie Lau, Diana Hankes, and John McCormick

The treasurer’s report and the 2009 budget were accepted as distributed. It was noted that the dues were below expectations. Also noted was how pleased everyone was with the job Chuck has been doing.

There was a discussion regarding the Chicago SCD Branch request for help with the Chicago Dance Weekend Workshop hopefully to be held in 2010. They need both people and financial commitments. Several people indicated a willingness to help. It was agreed to in principal only until more details can be learned. John F. will contact Chicago about our interest and questions such as the number of volunteers expected, the upfront costs, the projected costs/losses, etc.

Regret was expressed that there was no Spring Dance this year due to lack of interest. It was decided we want to hold it next year but more advertising needs to be done. A tentative date of 5/22/10 was set. Chuck will reserve the Dekoven Center and Jenny will put it in the Intercity Scot.

The Halloween Dance is set for 10/31/09. Ken will verify our reservation at St. Paul’s. Jenny, Chuck, and John F. are looking into various options for music. The dance program will be put together by Diana and Ron Hankes, John M., Dorcas, Jenny, and Val. John F. will print the dance programs and prize donations will be requested again.

Possible nominees for the slate of officers were discussed. They included Paul Gunderson for Vice President, Valerie Lau for secretary, and Diana Hankes for Member At Large. Requests for additional nominees will be made at the next few classes.

Chuck will start collecting dues at class on 6/8/09. The date of the 2009 Annual Meeting is 6/29/09 at St. Paul’s church.

Diana and Ron are now the contact people for the Demo team. We thank them for taking that over. The possibility of new name tags for members was discussed. Jenny and Vicki will investigate.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.

Submitted by Vicki Phipps

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Last modified June 17, 2009