Milwaukee Scottish Country Dancers
Board of Director
November 10, 2005

Present: Vicki Phipps, Rebecca Sinclair, Ken Phipps, Ron Hankes, Chuck Garrigues (guest)
The minutes to the June 27, 2005 meeting were approved. It was noted that in the June 6, 2005 General Meeting minutes under New Business, item #2, the wording needs clarification. The intent was for Chuck Garrigues to be the backup signer in Rebecca’s absence and not to need two signatures on a check.
The treasurer’s report was approved with corrections. The date needed to be changed to “through Nov. 8, 2005” and the demo fee income corrected to $375.00 because we have not received payment for the Wedding Demo yet. Total income was adjusted accordingly. It was also decided to take the reserves contributions, such as for teaching video items and scholarships, out of the expense column because that money was not actually paid out, just restricted as to how it could be spent.
It was reported that two club accounts were opened at M&I bank, a checking account and a money market account. Internet access was set up to only view, not do, transactions.
 Financial policies and guidelines, including someone to assist the treasurer, were discussed. The board concluded all transactions should be done by the treasurer unless he/she specifically requests assistance or is unable to perform his/her duties for a prolonged period. Suggestions for future appointments to assist the treasurer included that it should be a board member and perhaps a two year position like the treasurer’s. All expenses will now be paid by check. In the coming year, the board will review the necessity of spending guidelines and changing the money market account to a Certificate of Deposit.
Possible dates for the Spring Dance are April 29, 2005 or May 20, 2005. Dorcas Baker will contact the DeKoven Center to see what is available. Ron Hankes will handle the recorded music. John McCormick will be asked to chair the dance program committee.

Submitted by Vicki Phipps

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