Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes

August 17, 2004

Present: Babin (at-large), Gunderson (guest), McCormick (exofficio teacher), D. Hankes (secretary), V. Phipps (VP/president-elect), P. Garragues (president), M. Forbes (at-large)
  1. The meeting was called to order by President P. Garragues at 7:10 p.m. Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as corrected – P. Garragues is president for one year, V. Phipps becomes president after one year as VP/president-elect.

  2. Treasurer’s Report – no report, treasurer not present.

  3. Old Business

    1. Location search has been discontinued for the present time; none of the potential alternate venues are more suitable than those we use now.

    2. M. Forbes will update the name tags for new members and members without name tags. He will ask those on the present roster of members to indicate if they want/need a name tag. This will not be connected to whether or not the person requesting a name tag is a dues paying member.

    3. Web sales are minimal; Babin will remind members of product availability. She will investigate new product lines.

  4. Demo team business

    1. The requested demo for October 30 at the IHC will not be done. D. Hankes will inform S. Hankes.

    2. The Waukesha Highland Games have requested a demo team, but are short of funds. Babin will offer a six person team for $75.00. The date for the demo is September 5th, rehearsals to be determined.

    3. The Board will leave demo decisions up to the demo team.

  5. New Business – Halloween Dance

    1. Gunderson is in charge

    2. Music will be supplied by “O’er the Border” for the same price as last year.

    3. Babin and Gunderson will devise the dance program.

    4. The program date and price ($10.00) are in the Inner City Scot.

    5. Babin will supply P. Garragues with the dance program content (dance directions). Garragues will devise and print the dance programs.

    6. R. Sinclair will manage the ticket sales at the door and will arrange for help as needed. V. Phipps will bring the name-tag blanks.

    7. V. Phipps will provide the large “poster” with a list of the dances for the afternoon of the dance.

    8. Members will be reminded to bring appropriate decorations, and the tape or other necessary supplies for installation.

    9. Sr. Letitia & Dorcas will bring the paper supplies (plates, napkins etc.)

    10. Door prizes and prizes for “best costume” are needed, members will be asked to contribute.

    11. Babin and J. Fitak are in charge of intermission entertainment.

    12. All members will be reminded to participate in kitchen and clean-up activities.

    13. Volunteers are needed to bring intermission liquid refreshment and snacks.

    14. Judging for the best costume will be done by either some “newest” member or “youngest” member.

    15. V. Phipps will email other groups to announce the Halloween Dance, using links on the Web-site.

  6. Other New Business

    1. Babin will frequently remind members of the needs of the group in terms of payment of yearly dues. The club requires funds for music, books, boom-box repair or replacement and so on. Just paying the “room rent” is not sufficient to maintain the club.

    2. Beginner’s class – Sr. Dorcas is willing to start a class this fall. V. Phipps will email to determine interested persons. Venue to be determined.

  1. Announcements - V. Phipps will update and resubmit our dancing announcements to the print media. She will initiate an ad in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel as well as continue the community newspaper ads that presently are running.

  1. The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m. The next meeting date will be announced at a later date.

These minutes are submitted to the Web-site on August 18, 2004 by secretary D. Hankes

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