Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2004

Present: Babin, Baker, P.Garragues, Gunderson, Hankes, McCormick, V. Phipps, R.Sinclair

I. Call to order - 6:40 p.m. by President Babin

II. Minutes were accepted as distributed

III. Treasurer's report for 2003 was closed, budget for 2004 was prepared by the group. The membership dues were raised to $10.00 per year and a line item for yearly Web service was added. The treasurer will submit the completed budget to the web site.

IV. Old Business
    A.     Board members for the Nominating Committee members are Gunderson and R. Sinclair. Babin will appoint the rest of the Nominating Committee from the general membership.
    B.     A non-profit status for the group will not be pursued further, there is no need.
    C.     The amended by laws were approved by the board and will be posted on the web site for the general membership. Vote will be held at the general meeting, only paid members may vote.

V. New Business
    A.     Gunderson will no longer have access to free host space for a web site. The decision was made to purchase web space on Yahoo, using a URL from another source. The cost will be approximately $5.00 per month plus the nominal cost of the vanity URL. The URL will be "". Moved, seconded and approved.
    B.     The Stahl-Conrad Homestead barn has been approved for MSCD use. The in kind contribution from MSCD will be "housecleaning" and removing the current partitions from the main chamber. Volunteers will be solicited at the next Monday night class.
    C.     Irish Fest - Participation requires a press kit and demonstration video. The MSCD group will not pursue participation in this event this year but will consider a creation of a "press kit" for use on the web site and in future if needed. Babin will proceed with this initiative.
    D.     It was moved and seconded that all certified teachers will henceforth be ex officio members to the board. Approved and reflected in the constitution/by laws changes.
    E.     The proposal to add a formal beginner class was approved.  The two sites now available in Hales Corners will allow for the beginners to dance in one site and the advanced dancers in the other simultaneously.  MSCD members will submit advertising of the beginners class to the following sites: (R. Sinclair), VernonBigBend website (V. Phipps), Center for Celtic Studies and Folk dance Community website (Gunderson). If enrollment permits, the class will start in March and meet every other week, in Hales Corners. A nominal fee will be charged.

VI. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m. MSCD appreciates the hospitality of R. Sinclair. Thank you Rebecca.

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