Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2003

I.      The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by president Babin.  Present: D. Hankes,. D. Babin, P. Gunderson, V. Phipp, R. Sinclair, J. McCormick, P. Garrigues.

II.     Minutes of the January 13, 2003 meeting were approved as distributed

III.    Treasurer's report: No formal report was given. A $4549.27 balance was stated.   A check for $732.50 will be cut for McCormick to remunerate him for the full certificate expenses. A group/business checking account was reported as not feasible.  Babin will be added on the savings account as a signatory. She will query the Madison group as to their policy and procedure for money management.

IV.     New Business
  A.      Reimburse McCormick for the above stated amount.
  B.      The minutes will be posted to the Web site from now on.
  C.      No clan tent will be reserved for this year's Waukesha Highland Games. In 2004 the $25.00 will be paid for the one day tent space at the Milwaukee Highland Games. The approximately $25.00 per day will also be paid for tent space at the 2004 Waukesha Highland Games for two days - IF Madison shares the expenses and man-hours required to man the tent. The Web site will solicit volunteers to provide the necessary man hours for these events.
  D.      The treasurer will send Gunderson the existing roster of members.  Gunderson will update and distribute the roster of current RSCD members.  No date was set for completion of this project.

V.      Old Business
  A.      Membership will be encouraged to attend the Saturday social dance at this year's Waukesha Highland Games.
  B.      The October 2003 Halloween dance has a program of 18 dances selected by McCormick, V. Phipps and S. Fitak.. The "cheat sheet" will be compiled by Denise and Paul will put it on the Web site. Rebecca S. will man the desk for entry and fees, and will solicit her own help for this.  Vicky P. will coordinate the dance. Pat G. will do the programs. There will not be a raffle, but door prizes will be solicited from members and awarded at the dance. A prize for best costume will also be provided.  Paul G. will advertise the dance on the Web site. The hall and the band are reserved. Admission will be $10.00 and the band will receive $300.00.
  C.      The May dance at DeKoven center will be planned for 2004. There will not be live music. The date will be the Saturday after the Mother's Day weekend. Denise B. will ask Dorcas to reserve this date. The dance committee will be appointed in November by president Babin.
  D.      The possibility of a demo at the 2004 Irish Fest will be investigated by Babin.
  E.      Bylaws - Paul G. will report to Babin the necessary changes in the bylaws and post the requested changes to the Web. Voting on the changes will be done at the 2004 annual meeting.
  F.      Babin will revisit Web site merchandising.

VII.    The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m. No further meeting date was set.

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