Milwaukee Scottish Country Dancers
Annual General
Meeting Minutes
June 14, 2010

Attendance: Ken Phipps, Vicki Phipps, Diana Hankes, John McCormick, Pat Garrigues, Paul Gunderson, Jenny Michel, John Fitak, Sonya Fitak, Becky Glamm & Valerie Lau

Sonya motioned to accept the minutes from our last General Meeting held June 29, 2009 and Diana Hankes seconded, motion approved.

Pat Garrigues discussed the Financials since the Treasurer Chuck Garrigues was unable to attend our meeting. Sonya approved the Financials and Ken seconded, all approved.

Jen discussed the new slate of officers:
  Paul Gunderson, President
  Sonya Fitak, Vice President
  Valerie Lau, Secretary
  Vicki Phipps, Treasurer
  Diana Hankes, At Large
  Becky Glamm, At Large
Diana motioned to approve and Jen seconded, motion was passed.

New Business
Halloween Dance
Halloween Dance is slated for October 30th. Jen will follow through with getting the band Athas from last year. Ken, Vicki, Jen, Diana & Paul will get together to put a program together for the dance

Highland Games
The organizers of the Highland Games have e-mailed Ken Phipps for a commitment over Labour Day. Ken Phipps will continue to be our contact person and organize who will be able to attend Saturday and Sunday.

Midwest Scottish Weekend
It was brought up that if someone pays the full amount to attend the whole weekend that they should receive a rebate after the weekend. It was tabled to be discussed at the next meeting.
It will be held at Beloit College again next year, the first weekend in June.

Old Business
Bayside Elementary Demo we received $200 for teaching 5th Graders during their Cultural Day
May Spring Dance – we made $20

We discussed ideas on how we can recruit more dancers.

Jen adjourned the meeting and thanked everyone and Ken seconded, all approved.

Submitted by Valerie Lau

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