Holiday Dance Party

Monday, December 16, 2019    6:30 - 8:30 p.m. 

Saint Paul's Episcopal Church Great Hall
 914 East Knapp Street
 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
 * Entrance to the Great Hall is through the parking lot (kitchen entrance) on Marshall Street *
 (There is a  $3.00 donation to defray the cost of the hall rental.)

Bring finger food or drink to share!


Mrs. Stewart Sinton's Reel     32J 2C  RSCDS graded
Hedwig's Reel                  32R 3C  RSCDS 2nd book graded 
Lady Glasgow                   32S 3C  Miss Milligan's Miscellany 
The Lass O' Livingston         32R 2C  RSCDS book 8 


Collichur                      32J 3C  RSCDS book 30 
The Duke he was a Bonnie Beau  32R 2C  RSCDS book 24 
*  Adieu Mon Ami               32S 3C  RSCDS book 24 
*  Mrs. Stewart's Jig          32J 3C  RSCDS book 35 
*  Mairi's Wedding             40R 3C  Cosh 

*  Dances can be found in the Madison Scottish Country Dancers 100 Favorite Dances and 63 More.

A cheat sheet can be found here.

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